About Me: Creative Soul

Hi, I’m Olya , an artist, writer, and creative soul …

And a proud Ukrainian 💙💛


Art is life, and life is art. 

Art always shows life in various forms and shapes. It’s always a guide in the creator’s perception of life because every artist inevitably depicts themselves, their personality, and vision, be it still life, landscape, somebody’s portrait, or anything else. 

So this site and every work are me, at least partially, at different stages of my life, showing my creative soul, unique emotions, and perceptions of past moments. 

Nothing can limit creative self-expression, and media does not really matter, but I prefer pencils and pastels for my drawings and oil for my paintings.



When I am not busy with my art, I write (among other exciting things 🙂). Art & Cupcakes is my inspirational and motivational blog, where I share more art with the world and try to make people a little bit happier:)

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